How Much Does It Cost to Fit a Bay Window?

Job 1
Replace an existing window with a flat roofed “square” bay. This will have a lead roof and PVCu windows. The foundation will not be problem and a new gulley isn’t necessary. The inside will be finished ready for decoration, with an insulated concrete floor.

This will take 2 men 8 days.

Labour………£2000, skip…….£200, materials………£1275,

Job 2
If you want a pitched tiled roof

Job 3
If you want an angled or semi-circular bay add………..£250.00

Job 4

To construct job1 where no window currently exists, will take an extra 3 days and will need a structural engineer's services.

Labour………£750, materials………£150, engineer…….£250,

Job 5
Remove an existing bay and leaving a new normal window. This will take 5 days. (Why?)

Labour……..£1250, skip…….£200, materials……….£525,

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Fitting and Installing a Bay Window

I live in a smallish house, which nearly fronts right up to the road. Its one saving grace besides a view to die for and a big old barn in the garden and its location in a quiet friendly little stone village and its considerable distance from my ex-wives, is its bay window. Not only does it allow me to stand in its wonderful field of vision and see what’s going on in the world, (nothing, I’m pleased to say) but it adds valuable area to the room.

If you want a bay window, think about the following...

Will it be downstairs only? Will the roof be pitched or
flat? Will it be semi-circular, angled or “square”? Will its windows match the rest of the house? Will the masonry below match the rest of the house?

job will probably entail removing an existing (front) window and the masonry below it. This will allow you to use the existing lintol. If you want a wider opening, fitting a wider lintol will cost a fair bit.

may need planning permission? It will have to be overseen by a building control surveyor.

Combined, the cost for these two services could be around £350.

If you have a
flat roof consider having it leaded. It costs more of course but lasts forever.

If a pitched roof, try and match it to the main roof covering.

Building control will probably want the new roof's rainwater to end up in a
gulley not just empty onto the garden. If you have to fit a new one it could be expensive.

Have a look at
cost to clean replace or fit a new gulley.