Cost to Repoint a Chimney Stack (including a video guide)

Apart from a few Victorian “Villa” kitchen ones, chimney stacks are found either at the bottom of the roof (at the eaves), or the top (at the ridge). The job being done is the same but the scaffolding price is different. All the following prices include scaffolding.

We are also assuming the following...

There are no conservatories, or other impediments to scaffolding erection. That all chimneys are average size (whatever that is) with no
aerial and that if rebuilding, 90% the bricks and all the original pots can be reused. That pointing is done correctly. That “party chimneys” are all being done and that no tiles/slates are broken during the process

Job 1
To repoint a full size Victorian eaves chimney will take one man about 2 days:

Scaffolding & materials £350, Labour £300


Job 2
To repoint all round most ridge chimneys:

Scaffolding & materials £850, Labour £225

Job 2
To remove, temporarily resite and return an aerial on completion,
done by an aerial fitter (from the scaffolding) could cost you an extra..

Job 3
To return when the scaffolding has gone and replace broken tiles/slates
could cost anywhere between £50-£200

The Cost of Chimney Pointing and Some Useful Advice

We usually ramble on a bit to introduce a subject, however, some time ago we wrote a rather comprehensive article on chimneys. It‘s positively packed with fascinating facts, several of which are relevant to pointing. You might even find the others of passing interest. If you're 17 years old and looking for some "first date" conversation pointers, we'd recommend you shy away from "flaunching" and "back gutters".