How Much Does It Cost to Lay a Conservatory Base?

Job 1
Lay a 4” thick concrete base for a “normal size” (12 foot square)? conservatory.

This will have a 300mm deep foundation around the edges and will be sealed against damp but will have no insulation etc. All the excavated material will be “carted away” (though I have to admit my old cart’s a bit past it nowadays).

This (assuming there is mini digger access) will take 2 men 2 days once they have cleared up after themselves, materials, skip, digger etc.:

Total is £1125.00

Job 2

If you want three, 2’ high, insulated cavity walls building on top, with a gap for doors
This will take 2 men a day ……..£250, materials……..£325,

Job 3
If you want the floor insulating add

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Building/Laying a Conservatory Base and Walls

As a builder I gave up quoting for PVCu conservatories years ago. There’s no way we can compete with the chaps who make and fit them all day long. I’ve erected the odd one bought from “WickesBQ” in the past but I’ve just looked on their sites and if they still sell them I can’t find them.

I thought about pricing a wooden conservatory or two but even they are now the domain of the PVCu lads. Anyway, they cost twice as much, need painting or varnishing every twenty minutes and still end up rotten as a pear (but a pair of
what you might ask)?!