Average Labour Cost/Price to Lay/Build a Drive/Driveway

Job 1
Construct a straight concrete driveway from the pavement (there’s no wall or fence) to a line level with the front of your house 10 metres away.

This will take 2 men 3 days using a mini digger etc.

Labour…..£750, skip……. £200, machinery…..£300, hardcore & concrete…….£400,

Price: £1650

Job 2
Same job with basic paviours on top. This will take 6 days

Labour…….£1500, skips…….£400, machinery…….£300, hardcore & concrete……£400, sand and paviours and edgings………£525,

Price: £3125.00

Job 3

If you want to convert your front garden to look like that one up the road. You know, great sweeping swathes of top quality paviours, all edged and lovely, with his and her BMW’s and a ridiculous lamp post on the inside of the bend.

Firstly you will have to be made redundant like he was, then you will have to either swallow your pride and just be a copycat or go just that bit further and have a pond and a concrete heron squeezed in just in front of a nice rockery full of highland ferns……..lovely!

The “beamers” will be about £40,000, the lamp post you can shove where the sum doesn’t shine but the driveway will cost about

Price: £6,000.00

Job 4
If you want to stop the odd crisp packet blowing in, have a look at
Cost to Fit Gates

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Laying a Drive/Driveway

Isn’t there a move to stop people converting their front gardens to car parking? Something about aquifers! Maybe if Traffic Wardens weren’t so conscientious (or is the money relevant)? and yellow lines weren’t so prolific, and if every house didn’t have 4 cars (teenagers didn’t need cars in my day, we had buses).

Where was I? Oh yes, reasons why we all have to park in our gardens nowadays. Well, I think I’ve just about covered them.

Driveway Construction

Cars are heavier than we are, so a good foundation is essential and that means digging down. Assuming the new driveway has paviour bricks as the finished layer that means going down probably 13 inches. That’s 3 for the paviours, 2 for the sand underneath them, 4 for the concrete under that, and 4 for the hardcore under that. Anything less and you will get two nice straight mysterious grooves in about 3 years time, which funnily enough will run all the way to the place where you park the car.

Besides the driveway, you may want to convert the
front wall and put double gates in. Why do we do that? Opening and shutting the blessed things is a nightmare. The front wall is only 30” high, so they don’t exactly keep anyone out. Someone said it stops litter getting in. Pick it up for heaven's sake and save yourself £1000. You or your wife will only drive into them within a week anyway!

Then there’s the dropped kerb. You can’t
legally drive over the pavement, you have to apply to the council to convert it and put in a dropped kerb. In fact unless they give permission for a crossover and they don’t always nowadays, (remember those aquifers) and you don’t want to break the law twice a day, you will be wasting your money on the driveway. My advice is apply for one first and see what happens!

Last time I looked, dropped kerbs cost about £750 by the way.