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A proper “sparks”, one who passed exams and everything could deputise for Stephen Hawking if that esteemed gentleman ever wanted a day off.

All right maybe not, rockets are quite complicated, but electrical engineering, while it doesn’t require big silver suits and maps of how to get to the moon, is a lot closer to pure physics than, say, the stuff a joiner needs to know.

A qualified electrical engineer probably has a degree and wont be found messing around under your floorboards.

God knows why but years ago I went on a very low key sparks course. It was a “freebie” with a couple of nights away in a hotel and I probably thought I would get lucky, or some such nonsense. (I got drunk, I know that). Anyway there were about a dozen of us, all builders of one kind or another, all good at what we did, all secure in our little cocoons of self importance, all full of bonhomie and outlandish bull****.

By tea break on the first morning, 3 blokes had vacated! Only half of us turned up for the second day and only 2 of us sat the exam at the end of the course. I passed, but God knows how, it was multiple choice and I just guessed correctly, (I got lucky on paper anyway)! I’ve never been subjected to so much intense science in my life. I had no idea it would be like that.

In fact the last time I spent 3 days as far out of my comfort zone as this, was on my last honeymoon!

Anyway the point is, I’ve given all sparks my greatest respect since then. They know how to create and control an invisible “magic” process. Do you know what electricity is? How to create and manipulate it? No you don’t, but sparks do!

And they know how to leave the murderous stuff in you house for you to make use of, secure that no matter how gormless you and your kids are,
if you always leave things to them, you will never go “OW” or God forbid, anything worse!

Like all things though, the day job only requires 10% of the knowledge required to get the actual qualification. A trained monkey can run cables under floorboards after all and before all these “new” regs. were introduced, twerps like me were allowed to mess about with electrics.

have had a go as well haven’t you? It can be a nice, comparatively clean process, the house isn’t always turned into a quagmire like other trades can do. Or at the very least, your dad has popped over and put an extra socket in for you. If not you, then someone must be doing DIY electrics because “HomeBQ”, sells a vast amount of electrical equipment and you can bet your life, proper sparks don’t buy their stuff from there!

My advice is, you have apparently got away with it so far, so quit while you’re ahead. Messing about with electricity is like operating a circular saw. The old saying is that it’s not
if you will eventually take your finger off…. but when.

Or maybe you’re tired of life and have a very large insurance policy. In that case there are probably slower ways to go, than getting 80 amps up your arm. At least you will experience the joy of flying… before you slam into the opposite wall!
Get a sparks in!

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All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

All You Need To Know About

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