Choosing an Architect For Your Extension

All You Need To Know About Choosing an Architect for an Extension…

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Every once in a while, an article appears in the public domain that has the potential to change your outlook on life, offer you an insight into the greater picture and elevate you to a higher plane. Sadly, this isn’t that article – it’s just a piece about architects. If you want something like that, I suggest you re-locate to self improve or something.

Most people will have a pretty good idea of the role an architect plays in the
construction process and where he fits in when it comes down to the planning and designing of your extension. Chances are, he will have been your first port of call when you made the decision to get your project up and running. He will be responsible for the design of your extension, its appearance and its functioning layout. And chances are he will be called Tony. But remember, Tony is working for you, so don’t be intimidated by his red braces, his pony-tail haircut that makes him look like that sulky girl outside K.F.C, or his plans for your semi. Doric columns may have been considered cutting edge in downtown Athens in 447 B.C, but they make look a bit pretentious in your new extension. Unless, of course, you are a Premier League footballer.

Hopefully, Tony’s plans will be sympathetic, tasteful and encompass everything you require from your new extension. Try and communicate regularly with him from the outset to the completion of the project. You may just require Tony to come up with, and submit plans to, the
Local Council for approval. But you may choose to (or he may choose to !) stay on, liaise with the builder and oversee the whole project. Many architects will see this as their role and not just a provider of drawings and plans.

They may want to
obtain quotations from various builders for the work, select the contractor and even negotiate the contract itself. As your extension takes shape, he may want to visit the site on a regular basis in order to check that the builder is using the materials that were specified on his drawings and that progress and standard of workmanship are acceptable to all parties concerned. He will drink the builders tea , outstay his welcome and, in general, be a little bit annoying. When he starts wanting to discuss the colour of your new scatter cushions, furnish him with a cheque and show him to the front door.

If you do decide that you would like the architect to take control of the whole project from conception to completion, bear in mind that this will be the more expensive option as experience has shown that he will probably charge like a wounded bull for every site visit and that can have serious implications for your wallet! Assuming that your chosen builder is a competent one, then he should have the experience and knowledge to overcome most obstacles that should arise as the building work progresses.

So we have established that Tony has designed and planned your new extension. That’s all well and good but will it be strong enough to withstand all the pressures and loading that it will it be subjected to? Enter the
structural engineer….

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