A Guide to Roof/Velux Windows on an Extension

All You Need To Know About Roof Windows/Velux on an Extension…

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Good idea! Roof windows can transform a “normal” extension into a bright and airy one.

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Ideally, include the idea for roof windows in your original planning application and get all the objections sorted out at the same time, it’s easier. Also we can’t have as much glass as we want anymore. Heat losses are now very relevant to new build projects, there is a ratio of allowable glazing to floor area, which is applied nowadays. Be prepared to have just one window, or smaller ones if necessary.

Designing and constructing a roof to take windows is straightforward enough but there will be a bit more timber to fit and more labour is involved. Tiling/Slating around them becomes more complicated as well. The windows and flashings cost about £325 each, so it will cost about £500 extra, for every roof window you are allowed to fit.

Decent windows will open of course but if the ceiling is high, how do you reach them? Well, whaddya know! remote openers are available. Also, you may not want that bloke in the block of flats opposite training his telescope on your evening activities, so maybe a set of blinds are in order, electrically operated of course.

How much for this lot ……..about £450.00 extra per window!

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