Average Cost/Price to Fit/Replace Gable/Barge Boards

Job 1
Remove the existing ones, replace and “point up”.
This will need
scaffolding and will take two blokes a day plus a bit of muck. They will prime them as well.

Labour: £275.00
Materials £150 (assuming standard pine timber)
Scaffolding: £400.00

Price: £825.00

Job 1a
To undercoat and topcoat the boards as well

Price: £110.00

Job 2
To clad existing barge boards with PVCu. will take half a day.
Labour ……….£125, scaffolding…….£350, materials………£90,

Price: £565.00

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Replacing Gable/Barge Boards


Now let’s get this right, by gable/barge boards we mean the triangular pieces of timber bit at the top right? Good!

The ridiculous thing is, there’s no reason to have “barge” boards at all. It’s just as quick to finish the top of a gable off with pointing or
render. What’s the point of sticking exposed softwood boards on the most vulnerable point of the house? If yours are rotten (and they will be) either get rid altogether or replace them with equally unnecessary PVCu.