Average Labour Cost/Price to Fit/Replace/Clean a Gulley/Drain

Job 1
Clean out all your gullies/drains……….£50.00
But you won’t pay him that much for 15 minutes work, You’ll do it yourself “tomorrow”.

Job 2
Replace an existing cracked gulley/drain. This is half a days work for 1 man + £35…..£110.00

Job 3
To fit a new gulley not far away from your metre deep sewer line. This will also need a new manhole. This will take 2 men 4 days plus £600 materials …….£1600.00

Job 4
The same new gulley/drain, connected to a new (unlined) soakaway in the back garden where everything has to be dug by hand with a skip at the front of the house. (normal digging out with no rock)
This will 2 men, 2 days with £400 materials etc

If the soakaway has to be “honeycomb” lined with brickwork, add an extra …£425.00

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Cleaning, Replacing and Installing a Gulley (Drain)

Cleaning the gullies/drains out is the sort of job I (as the guvnor’) always did myself. It is undertaken with a special tool, which I keep in my shirt sleeve.

Assuming we’d been at a house a few weeks building an
extension, the nearest gully to the mixer could get pretty clogged up.

Consequently, the process was as horrid as any 5 minute job could be! I did it so that none of the lads could talk behind my back about what a fair weather boss I was becoming.

Replacing gullies/drains is quite different. They need replacing when they no longer hold any “water”. For some reason they become cracked or holed and the nasties all soak away onto your foundations and your walls start to crack!

New gullies, fitted in new positions, need to be connected to the sewer line or a soakaway. See sewers. When connecting to sewer lines they need a new manhole as well!