Average Labour Cost/Price to Clean Out Gutters/Guttering

Job 1
To clean a three sided semi or the front and back of a terraced house, with good ladder access will take one man an hour.

Job 2
If there’s a conservatory, he will have to tie the ladder and spend time shoving the stuff along with a pole, then hose the glass down.£60.00

Job 3

If the conservatory needs to have a scaffolding bridge over it, this alone could cost £225.00, so with the gutter as well.

Gutter Cleaning Guide and Information Sheet
Cleaning out guttering is done from ladders, usually about 2 years after it should have been done.

It’s amazing what gets up into a gutter: dead birds, tennis balls (these are perfectly sized to block the outlets), twigs, grass, and the finest alluvial soil known to man. (Ask him to dump it on your roses).

He will usually scoop the detritus out with a trowel and dump it into a bucket that is dangling from his ladder - make he does - if he just lets it drop, it will splatter everywhere and it’s truly filthy stuff!