Cost/Price to Build a Loft Conversion

All About the Cost of a Loft Conversion…

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How Much For Your Loft Conversion Then?

loft conversion cost
See that piece of string over there? …….get the picture?

The cost depends on the type of property. The
average loft conversion costs £30.000 depending on the design and how difficult the house is to convert.

Loft Conversion Estimator

But…. you don’t want to put up with an answer like that (said in my best Chris Tarrant voice). You want to go to our
loft conversion estimator, that’s what you want to do!

Because loft conversions cost more per square foot to build than bog standard
extensions, they don’t create an immediate profit if you then sell the property, that’s why developers don’t often add them.

However, because the new room is nearly always a
bedroom with an en suite and 4 bedrooms are very appealing, especially if one of them is “interesting”, (estate agent speak for low sloping ceilings you keep banging your head on), you will get your investment back on a normal uncomplicated, “bog standard” conversion.

So, loft conversions are undertaken out of need, not greed. When you do eventually sell, you will get about 15% more for your property than similar neighbouring houses without conversions, but that amount may still only be what you paid for the job in the first place.

A Guide To The Process of Converting a Loft