Planning Applications For A Loft Conversion

Planning Applications For a Loft Conversion…

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What about the Planning Permission?

Good news here (for most of us)…

Under a system called “permitted development”, you can undertake certain types of loft conversions (most types actually), without applying for planning permission.

There Must Be A Catch...

The following conditions must apply though.

1. Any loft conversion not exceeding 40 cubic metres in volume for terraced houses and 50 cubic meters (that’s about 18’x12’ of floor area) for detached and semi detached houses, will not require planning permission on condition that…….

2. The conversion is no higher than the highest part of the roof.

3. The materials are similar in appearance to the existing house

4. There are no verandas, balconies or railed platforms involved.

5. Only (Velux type) roof windows are installed on the front elevation, (no dormers)!

6. Side
dormer windows must have obscure glazing and any windows under 1.7 metres from the floor mustn’t open.

7. Rear dormers must be positioned slightly up the slope of the roof so that a “third storey look’ isn’t created.

When does PD not apply?

If you already have an
extension, “permitted development” may not apply, as you will probably have already used up your “extension allowance” (our phrase).

It doesn’t apply to flats or maisonettes either I’m afraid!

Designated/Conservation Areas

Loft conversions are not “permitted development” in designated areas, i.e. National Parks, the Norfolk Broads, (that’s why you’ve never seen a houseboat with a loft conversion), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites.

With all of these, you will have to apply for planning permission!

Snowball's Chance in Hell!

Also, if you live in a listed building you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery (twice) and England winning the World Cup dressed as chimpanzees than English Heritage allowing you to even open the loft hatch, let alone ruin your castle with a grubby little en suite bathroom!

A Guide To The Process of Converting a Loft