Pi In The Sky

Pi in the Sky

(how this site came to be…)

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Squaring the Circle

There’s a fact out there somewhere stating that of every 100 people who attempt to build, run and successfully live on the proceeds of a website, that 96.86 of them will fail.

That leaves 3.14 free, happy and fulfilled people.

Are You Free, Mr Humphreys?

Imagine it – no commute, no boss, no doing a job that you thought was only a stop-gap 25 years ago! Your very own business that does its own commuting from your home (or wherever you and your laptop happen to be) up into the clouds at the press of a button. It seems too good to be true. You can take the kids to school, have a natter with the mums, get a coffee perhaps and then amble off to the gym. Sorry, I got confused. That’s my wife’s existence.

But for the rest of us, perhaps it can happen?

Other than visiting websites every now and again, six months ago we didn’t know the first thing about cyberworld and how these "sites" have come to be. Storks maybe, now that they no longer bring the babies?

Where Do I Begin?

So, last summer, Pooch (to his mates), decided to put his money where his mouth was, stop blathering on about it and actually get down to seeing if he could build a website. Our obvious retort was that
as he couldn’t build expletive else (we scaffold wallahs are rather fond of both mickey taking and double negatives, you know) he might as well go for it.

And now look what he’s been and gone and done. We had to help him of course, writing the odd article and coming up with rubbish ideas that he politely discussed and then rejected unilaterally while we were sleeping and he was still working. Fair enough.

We all got the bug as the site began to grow. Despite putting in a long days work, running our sad little businesses, trying to keep our lovely wives happy (Chris has three so it’s harder for him) and even talking to our children now and again, we persevered and built this site.

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it...

In truth we are still building it and we’ll never stop. And we still go to work every day because we are lifelong builders. It’s what we do!

We have come across many obstacles, hit numerous stumbling blocks and are, more often than not, very, very tired. Just like the rest of the working world.

Yet now, some of us even think we know what we’re doing, website-wise. But in effect we’re just total rank amateurs. We are just trying as hard as we’ve ever tried at doing anything before. It’s called making up for your short-comings and getting on with the cards life has dealt us. We'd rather be the Fonz but that ain't going to happen. Ralph Malph at a stretch.

We are amateurs with passion I hasten to add. We believe in every word we’ve written, and those we still have to write. We believe in why we are doing it and why we will continue to do it. And maybe, just maybe, in the not too distant future, we might make a bob or two!

Perhaps that’s just Pi In The Sky - joining that fabled 3.14 percent? We’ll see.

Now then, where did I put that kettle?

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