How Much Does It Cost to Build a Porch?

The porch size quoted for here is about 2m x 1.5m

Job 1
Construct a concrete base for an off the shelf PVCu porch. This will take 1 man I day

Labour……..£150, concrete etc……….£100,

The porch, fitted by the local double glazing company will cost around
£2750.00 (It will be double glazed simply because all their frames are designed for double glazing).

Job 2
Build a porch to your design with brickwork below on a concrete base, a wooden framework and door with a letterbox, single safety glazing with an opening window (double glazing isn’t necessary in a porch) and a polycarbonate ridged roof. The guttering will divert rainwater onto the garden (it was going there before wasn’t it)? The whole lot will all then be painted inside and out.

This will take 2 men 8 days

Labour……..£2000, materials £750,

Job 3
Build a "Cover" Porch - just the tiled roof bit with a wooden frame, to shelter you when opening your front door.

This will take 2 men 2 days to build and 1 man a day to paint

Labour £650.00, materials £150

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Building a Porch

 Funny things porches, usually they’re too small to be of any use and if they are big enough, they can ruin the look of the house. Considering their original use was to stop draughts and nowadays almost every house in the country has a plastic (draught free) door, I’m wondering why they get built at all. £2000+ is a lot of money for a “welly” store.

Anyway, that’s just my blinkered “ifitaintbrokedontfixit” opinion. You want a porch and my job is to price it for you! Firstly though, you must check if you need
planning permission.

If you want a PVCu one, it will probably be “off the shelf” supplied and fitted by a local double glazing company, all your builder can do is lay the base for it.

If you want one built to your design, it will probably have brickwork at the bottom and wood or PVCu framework above. If you
are doing the design work think about ventilation, they get very hot in summer. Then there’s the roof type, do you want a central ridge, or a lean to, or a flat roof? Also, will the roof be glass or “multiwall” polycarbonate (plastic), or if flat, felt or pre formed fibre glass?

Lastly, make sure any “imported” porch has a
letter box and guttering and decide where the rain water is going to go.