The Outside of a Development Property

Looking at the Outside of a Property with a Developer’s Eye…

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roofing/slate repairs cost
Roof etc.
Unless the property was a wreck when you bought it (and your purchase price reflected this fact), if you put a new roof on, it will cost you 10 grand and chances are, you won’t get it back!

Human nature again…..buyers would love a new roof but aren’t prepared to pay for it!

An overhaul is usually fine. Remember, it’s all too high up to scrutinise anyway and most buyers will be far more interested in the striking colour you’ve painted the front door and those two silly bushes you’ve stuck on either side of it. (You know, the ones that look like lollipops that you see outside restaurants).

New shiny guttering is far cheaper to fit. You might even be able to get away with leaving the existing down pipes in as well.


Remember, you have to spend money somewhere and if the outside looks rubbish, they will just drive on by.

The walls (particularly the front walls) need to be clean and perfect. That might mean repointing, or rendering, or painting. There is no way of avoiding this!


you think they are shoddy (even if they are double glazed) so will buyers. Get new ones put in, they are a vital part of the process and they aren’t as expensive as they used to be!

Remember that the design needs to be “in keeping” with the property’s age and location though. Interestingly, there are now some very good, tinted PVCu windows around, which look remarkably like wood, as long as you keep about 3 metres away!


If the front door is original, you probably can’t improve on it. Just paint it and replace the furniture with some new trendy stuff.

Ditto the back door and if it’s a patio door, replace it if it’s shoddy!

Paths & Driveways

Once again, we’re dealing with buyer’s first impressions here!

The problem is though, if you’ve any sense, you leave them till the last job when all the mucky stuff has been done. This means that you will be short of cash by this point and will have to scrimp! It’s very important that you set enough cash aside and do the job properly.
And think about off street parking.


Buyers expect a lawn which is neat and a path immediately around the house. Everything else, borders, lots of plants, a shed, a path to the shed, will just be a bonus. If they are already there, spruce them up, if not, don’t waste your money supplying them.

Fences & Walls

Just like a new roof, a brand new fence all round looks good, really good! We’re talking space definition here and were getting right down to the subconscious level. This property is mine and this shiny brown 6’ fence lets everyone know it!

Fortunately the sub conscious doesn’t necessarily focus on the
type of fence or the fact that it’s posts are a bit too thin and only supported with steel spikes and the panels are just interwoven ones!

Shoddy old fences on a refurbished property are just too obvious and in your face and beg the following question from buyers.

“If this developer couldn’t be bothered to replace shoddy stuff that I
can see, what hasn’t he done to replace all the stuff I can’t see”?

A garden
wall is a true bonus (it’s got a walled garden you know)! If it’s a bit dilapidated that can actually add charm! If it’s horribly dilapidated, paint it!