The Wow Factor

Yes, we hate that expression too, but what else can you say?

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Attracting the Buyers’ Hearts and Minds:

Space, light and colour. These 3 factors are what you are looking for, with possibly a novelty factor thrown in as well but not if it’s too expensive. (Forget spiral staircases).

Space….. is achieved by adding an extension or removing interior walls or both!

Light……is achieved with big windows, roof windows and sun tubes.

Colour… splashing
just the one area you want to highlight with a tasteful shade.

Common Techniques:

I used to achieve my wow factor by building a big old rear extension with a vaulted ceiling and Velux windows and knocking down as many walls as I could between it and the front door.

When the poor unsuspecting punters stepped inside, they were dazzled by a wonderful vista of trendy new kitchen, sunlight all the way through to the back garden and wacky shade of green. All this with a lovely warm coloured, floating wooden floor leading them in!

The fact that it would cost them a fortune to fit blinds, the Veluxes needed scaffolding to reach and open and the floor would look like a battlefield, once some partygoer in stilettos had frolicked all over it, wouldn’t hit home until they had been living in it for a fortnight! Yet it was still the house of their dreams. And it is the stuff of dreams we are discussing here - not just the bricks and mortar.

Or is it the X-Factor?

Recently we built an oak-framed reach-down cellar into the floor of a rear extension. It was up-lit and looked fabulous and will continue to be a wow-factor long after the current owner has moved on.

You've got to ask yourself: would the feature impress you? Can you imagine compliments from friends at dinner parties? If so, it is the kind of addition/element that will add value to your home because it will make people feel unique.