Average Labour Cost/Price to Fit/Hang uPVC (pvcu) Single Doors

To clarify the following prices it is recommended that you read the article in the INFORMATION box below the PRICES…

(These prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £150.00 per day and a labourer if required at £100.00 per day. This includes the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need. The minimum price will usually be for a half day)

How Much Does It Cost To Fit PVCu Doors?

pvcu upvc doors

Job 1
Remove your existing front door and fit a new UPVc door with fancy glazing at the top.
(You will have to choose this from the internet though….. See you’re going to have to go back there after all).
This will take 2 men half a day to fit but they may have to collect it from somewhere, then tip your old one, so lets call it a days work + £50 for “incidentals”

Labour…..£250, new door…£350, incidentals…..£50 Total

Job 2
If you need a side panel fitted next to the front door, add ……….£200.00

Job 3
If you want a back door fitted, everythings much the same but the door, even with glass at the top will be cheaper.

Lets call it

Job 4
We have a separate page for the cost of fitting sliding patio doors.

Job 5
We have a separate page for the cost of fitting UPVc French doors.

For your must-see guide to Tradesmen's Rates please click on the map…


A Price Guide and Information Sheet on the Cost of Fitting PVCu Doors

We know!…You’ve just spent 20 minutes trawling through double glazing websites trying to get a price. You don’t want to tell them what your inside leg measurement is and then wait till next Wednesday for them to get back to you (and keep getting back to you every day, until you’re forced to seek out some local bad lad, who will show you how to change you identity)!

Well never mind, you’re here now, everything is going to be all right. Settle down, stop getting all flustered and find out what it’s going to cost you.

A-Z of Job Pricing

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