How Much Does It Cost to Fit/Install an Airbrick?

There’s not much point in getting a bloke in to fit one air brick. If you only need one, it can wait until other jobs need doing and including it with them.

A builder can supply and fit four clay airbricks on a “clear site” in half a day….
If he has to move stuff then call it one easy day…….say

If he has to remove or cut individual paving slabs or cut away a concrete driveway or path and then make good afterwards, it could take a couple of days for one man.
£350.00 including materials.

Information Sheet on Fitting and Installing an Airbrick

Poor neglected little devils! Blocked up, paved across, soil and rubbish covered, obliterated by extensions, these apparently insignificant objects are the definite poor relations of the average building.

Forget them at your peril. Or more likely some poor so and so a dozen years down the line will suffer the consequences of current “airbrick abuse”. This can be
rotten floors or (make the sign of the cross here), dry rot.

So, have a look at your airbricks, make sure they are all fully exposed and there are enough of them. Typically this means two or three on each exterior wall (that’s between six and nine on an average semi detached home).

If you have less, or they are all blocked by
extensions or paving and you intend to live there for a few more years, get them sorted.

In Victorian houses they are often cast iron and broken. These definitely need replacing as rats and mice just love to live under your floors. Put some poison down under the floor through the hole, (or if you are a Buddhist, put humane traps down, then travel out into the country with your newly captured chums and release them to die in a totally alien environment), then fit new
clay airbricks. These are the same size as an individual brick and just pop in. Actually they are the same size as a modern individual brick, which is just a bit smaller than a Victorian brick, so replacement is simple.

If you have a reasonable amount of brick sized “working” airbricks ventilating your home there’s no need to fit larger ones. If you have an extension or paving covering all the ones at the back for instance, then have the ones at the side and front enlarged.