How Much Does It Cost to Fit Snow/Tile Guards?

I would love to tell you how much the mesh ones cost. I’ve searched the internet, no one gives prices, I’ve phoned 3 companies, they don’t sell them. Get your builder to source them, he’s being paid to do it!

The ones which clip under the
slates etc. cost about £5 each.

Job 1
Fix mesh across about 6m of roof before a conservatory is built. This will take 2 men half a day from ladders, labour charge…………….£125.00

Job 2
The same job after the conservatory is built from scaffolding, which has been specially constructed to bridge the conservatory.

Labour……£125, scaffolding……..£225,

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on the Cost of Fitting Snow/Tile Guards

I’ve just discovered there are two types. Individual ones which actually sit on the roof in a line and clip under the slates or tiles and the mesh affair, which is fixed just above the gutter.

Probably more relevant than snow, is stopping the odd slate or tile dropping onto you or your conservatory roof and hopefully, you are considering this before you have it built, otherwise you will probably need scaffolding.

It’s a fairly simple job, which ever system you choose. Personally we would go for the mesh, it catches
everything. The individual ones might just let the odd tile whizz by.