How Much Does It Cost to Fit/Replace a Soil Stack/Pipe?

Job 1
Adapt an existing soil stack whether cast iron or plastic and take a new branch into the house to serve a new toilet, including making internal plasterwork good.
This will take one man a day and a half ……..£300, plus materials and small scaffold tower …..£250,

Job 2
To completely replace an existing cast iron soil stack with a plastic one (connected to the one WC only), re connected underground and made good internally will take
2 men 2 days……..£600, materials and tower and tipping……..£375:

Job 3
To undertake job 2 plus connecting the new stack to a nearby manhole will cost an additional days labour …………£300, materials…….£100,

This will then legally have to be “signed off” by a building inspector

To construct a new
manhole click here

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Replacing and Installing a Soil Stack

Soil stack?…..That thick (black) pipe fixed to the outside wall which takes away the “night soil” and dumps it on a beach somewhere.

What is your existing (hopefully external) soil stack made of? If it’s plastic it can be adapted but that’s not always easy by any means. If it’s cast iron, bits can be cut out and plastic sections fitted but that’s not a job for the faint-hearted. (Have
you ever tried using an angle grinder 8 foot up a ladder)?

Have a click on
fitting a new lavatory there’s more information on why you might need a new stack.