How Much Does It Cost to Prune/Fell a Tree?

Planting a tree when it’s only 6’ tall is your job. If it arrives on a lorry and needs a crane I’ve got as much idea as you have!

Job 1
You want a 20’ tree in the back garden pruning or felling. This will take a couple of blokes a morning and they’ll “chip” all the branches (and take all the cut up trunk away). They have lots of machinery and have to do risk assessments so they charge quite a lot…….£350.00

By the way, by 5 o’clock the cut up trunk will be converted to logs, which they can sell for £40 a load.

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Pruning and Cutting Down Trees


You probably know more than me about this subject. I’ve only planted trees where my wives told me to and I’ve been divorced so often I’ve never been around long enough to see the results.

Purely from a practical point of view however, I can give a bit of advice on where not to plant trees.

Firstly, just like puppies, trees tend to grow. So think about sunlight being blocked out of your kitchen in 20 years time.

Trees also have roots, these travel a long way and have scant respect for foundations, let alone

Think about diseases, plant a tree that’s not likely to need felling in 10 years.

Then there’s shade. My garden has a fantastic view, when we moved in it was a jungle so we cut everything down in order to revel in the fabulous bucolic splendour. Now I wish I’d not been so hasty, we don’t have a scrap of shade.

Don’t forget, if you’re contemplating felling a tree, there may be a preservation order on it. Cut it down and you’ll be fined and have to plant another in it’s place.