How Much Does It Cost to Lay Turf/Grass?

Job 1
To prepare a horrible existing area ready for a new lawn, lets assume it’s a back garden about 100 feet by 30. There’s the remains of an old lawn, hollows, rubbish and general nastiness all round.

This will take two labourer chappies on £100 a day (not down-and-outs on £50 a day ) 3 days to clear the site, rotivate it and rake it all nice and level.

Labour……..£600, machinery………£70,

Price: £670.00

Job 2
If they can’t get the rotivator in and have to hand dig it add 2 more days
Price: £1000.00

Job 3
To supply and lay the turf, half a day
Labour………£100, turf delivered……..£650

Price: £750.00

A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Turfinginformation

It was very near the end of a big job I was working on once and I was making a cuppa for the foreman of the gardeners that had just arrived to sort out the grounds. He kept looking out of the hut and shouting “green side up” to his men. I looked at him quizzically and he said “ Oyve got a couple o’ new lads wurkin' today, deyre layin da new lawn fir da furst toime”.

I don’t pretend to be a gardener, my wife won’t even let me cut the grass but I’ve laid turf a few times and there are a few things to think about.

Get the soil as flat as possible to start with. Put a scaffold board down to walk on, it’s ok to lay it down and walk on the turf you’ve just laid. Offset each turf to stagger the joints (like brickwork). Lay the turfs nice and close together. Give it a good old soaking when you’re done. Then soak it the next day. And the next. And the next again...

Da Capo Aria.

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