Average Labour Cost/Price to Unblock/Clear/Rod Drains/Manholes

To clarify the following prices it is recommended that you read the article in the INFORMATION box below the PRICES…

(These prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £150.00 per day and a labourer if required at £100.00 per day. This includes the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need. The minimum price will usually be for a half day)

How Much Does It Cost to Unblock/Rod Drains?

cost to rod/unblock drains

Job 1
To get “qwickiedrain” from the Yellow Pages to turn up with his water jets etc ……£250.00 minimum!

Job 2
If you can persuade a local bloke to have a go for 10 minutes…………£50.00

To construct a new
manhole click here

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A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Unblocking and Clearing Drains and Manholes

If you have to earn your living “working”, I’m not talking here about sitting in an office somewhere filing you nails, having meetings and eating Hobnobs, I mean the sort of things builders, factory workers, road men, lorry drivers, miners do ……working! If this is your lot in life, then, as a builder, one of the ways you earn your pay is by cleaning out drains!

There’s nothing to organise, housewives love you (from a distance, obviously), you can wear men’s perfume (men’s perfume!!!) and everyone knows it’s not because you like Salsa dancing, but best of all …….
you can charge what you bloomin' well like!

you like to do it? Go on, how much would you have to be paid to...? See my point?

Unfortunately you need to have the constitution of an ox, the olfactory capability of a bit of wood, and the stomach of a herd of goats. I fail on all counts, that’s why I spent my life as a builder, being chastised by other men’s wives, and I’ve still had to clean out many a blocked manhole.

We have a very comprehensive article on
sewers. If you’ve mislaid your Cosmopolitan you might like to while away a few minutes perusing it. At very least you might find out why your drains are blocked.

One tip - the majority of drains I unblock are due to
baby wipes - these do not dissolve in water but more often than not get flushed down the WC by little Antigone or Hubert in such copious amounts that you've soon got a football-sized mass of Pampers acting as a great big drain bung. The first you know of this is when your loos back up, your manhole overflows and something hits the fan.

Not ideal.

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