Average Labour Cost/Price to Fit/Install/Lay Underfloor Heating

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(These prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £150.00 per day and a labourer if required at £100.00 per day. This includes the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need. The minimum price will usually be for a half day)

How Much Does It Cost To Fit Underfloor Heating?

cost to fit underfloor heating

Bathroom Floor

Job 1
Remove the carpet, fit under carpet UF matting, combined roomstat & timer and connect to the main switch board.
This will take one man a day and a half …£300: materials will cost £450

Job 2
As above, but fit a cable system in an irregular shaped “normal sized” bathroom. This will take 2 man days, but the cable is cheaper so the price is about the same.

Then you will need special underlay but the old carpet can go back down.

Kitchen Floor

These prices are for a “normal” 12’ x 10’ kitchen, (3.6m x 3.0m), 11m².

Job 1 (existing concrete floor with tiles or wood laminate flooring/wooden floor to follow)
Remove the lino and kick boards, fit thin insulation, UF matting, combined roomstat & timer and connect to the main switch board.

This will take one man a day and a half …£300: materials will cost £500

Putting a floor on top is not included

Job 2
Remove the floor boards as well and fit a “wet” system plus decent insulation, all piped up to and operating in tandem with, your existing central heating system. Then fit a new flooring sheets suitable for tiling or a laminate floor.

This will take 2 men 3 days…..£900, materials……£300, …….total

Then you will have to get the floor fitted

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A Price Guide and Information Sheet on Installing Bathroom Underfloor Heating


In a Bathroom (for a Kitchen see below)

Remarkably, it’s possible to install UF heating an existing bathroom if the floor is nice and flat without removing anything other than the carpet and underlay. It has to be electric heating though, if you want a wet system run from your
central heating, everything has to come out, and the floor taken up. Then you will want a new bathroom and tiling and decorating……….

If bath, basin and toilet are currently positioned to leave a free rectangular floor space, then you will probably be able to have under carpet matting laid down. If the floor area is irregular then cables can be laid to suite the space but this is more labour intensive.

There are different mats for different flooring materials, those designed to go under tiles aren’t suitable for carpets.

We are only going to price for an
under carpet electric system. If you want a tiled floor, everything has to come out (bath, toilet, basin) the floor needs to come up and interlocking boards or marine ply fixed down because tiles can’t be laid onto floorboards. Then you will probably want a new suite….You see, we are now way beyond just underfloor heating.

If you want a floating wooden floor laid, you don’t fit it
around things, so the toilet and pedestal need to come out, then these plus the basin need to be repositioned once the wooden floor is down. What about the disturbed tiling and the little “mind the step” sign you need to screw to the door. We’ve transcended just heating again haven’t we?

We have very comprehensive articles on Bathroom Fitting, Bathroom Wall Tiling, Floor Tiling, and Floating Floor Fitting, go and have a read!

In a Kitchen

Kitchens are perfect for underfloor heating. They are cold first thing in the morning as there is often no radiator, or it’s a pathetically small one, squeezed in by the back door.

We are considering just underfloor heating here, not new kitchens, so if you have a concrete floor we are talking
electric UF heating. If you want a “wet” system run from your central heating system, it’s possible but the kitchen has to come out and the whole floor has to come up. You will then want a new floor and new kitchen. This is an article on heating!

Lets assume you have a perfectly good kitchen on a
concrete floor with lino on top. The kitchen can stay where it is, the kick boards come off, the lino gets cut away right up to the feet of the units, very thin but quite efficient insulation fitted, electric UF matting is laid down, a floor covering is laid and the kick boards returned. It doesn’t matter that the floor under the units isn’t heated, the central area is more than enough.

You can’t have
lino I’m afraid though. You can have carpet, tiles or wood laminate. There are different designs of matting for each, but the process is the same. The mats are laid out, connected together, a thermostat and timer is fitted somewhere and the whole lot is wired into your electrical system.

We have articles on
tiled floors and laminate floors. You can have a little read of those as well!

If you have a wooden floor it’s unlikely it will be suitable for tiling. In this case the boards have to come up (but this can still be done with the kitchen in situ.) and either waterproof chipboard or marine ply screwed down. Now, if you’ve gone this far you could insulate the under floor properly as well and now even fit a “wet” system. It will be initially more expensive to fit, but far cheaper to run!

You can them tile as normal.

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