Average Cost/Price to Fit/Put In/Create an Arch

Useful Preliminary Information

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What you actually want is a new hole, the arch bit is just the icing on the cake! Let's take a look.

New holes, in the form of “knocks through” and doorways, are discussed at some length in
knock through walls go and have a look when you’ve finished here!

I hate it when people ask me to do an arch. Do you want an actual arch, which begins at about skirting level and must be symmetrical and will cost you ….big style. OR, do you just want the 2 top corners rounded off? The corner rounding option is the easy one but both, by the way, will still require a lintol to be fitted.

Lintol?.......I know that arches are incredibly strong structures that have been holding up cathedrals for a thousand years but most builders today don’t exactly have their own masons mark anymore and quite possibly some of them may have lost the structural arch making knack!

Also, I don’t know where
you live but our local “Keystones R Us” had to close down last Wednesday to make way for a new “Chubby Chicken Diner” and I‘ve got a sneaky idea that my parabolics might be a bit rusty……. if you must know!

Arch Installation Cost/ Prices

You will need to look at knock through walls in order for these prices to be relevant.

Job 1: To round off the two top corners as part of a normal knock through. This will take about three extra hours and the materials cost about £60.00 £120.00

Job 2:
To create an architectural arch (there are about 10 traditional designs) to grace an otherwise normal newly constructed opening will take a clever builder and his labourer at least an extra 2 days (after he’s made the opening) plus £75.00 materials.

Job 3:
Or, if you have an existing normal sized doorway that you want to turn into an arch, then the door, architraving and frame will have to come off , the two top corners “adapted”, arch formers and corner beads fitted and the whole thing plastered up. This will take a bloke and his mate a day, so with materials lets say